January 28, 2022 - Multidisciplinary Tumor Board on Endometrial Cancer: MSK and Manipal

VIDEO | 1:33:39

In our inaugural event in the MSK-Association of Gynaecologic Oncologists of India (AGOI) joint tumor board series, we were honored to co-host with Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Center in Bengaluru. We discussed treatment management of two endometrial cancer cases: one localized early-stage and the other advanced recurrent. A short lecture followed on recent progress in advanced (metastatic) endometrial cancer.


  • Dr. Nadeem Abu-Rustum, Chief, Gynecology Service, and Avon Chair in Gynecologic Oncology, MSK, New York

Cases and Presenters 

  • Dr. Aaron Fernandes, Fellow, Manipal Cancer Center 
  • Dr. William Zammarelli, Fellow, MSK, New York 


  • Recent Progress in Advanced/Metastatic Endometrial Cancer | Dr. Vicky Makker, MSK, New York


  • Dr. Somashekhar S P, Surgical Oncologist, Chairman and HOD-Surgical & GYN Oncology, Manipal Cancer Center 
  • Dr. Vicky Makker, Course Director, GYN Medical Oncologist, Endometrial Section Head, MSK, New York 
  • Dr. Kaled Alektiar, GYN Radiation Oncologist, MSK, New York 
  • Dr. Susmita Rakshit, Pathologist, HOD-Oncopathology & Molecular Pathology, Manipal Cancer Center 
  • Dr. Amit Rauthan, Medical Oncologist, HOD-Medical Oncology, Manipal Cancer Center 
  • Dr. Sarah Chiang, GYN Pathologist, MSK, New York 

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