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iCliniq’s telemedicine platform is specially designed for medical second opinions.

Over 3 million opinions across 80 specialties have been provided on iCliniq for patients around the world.

You can now access Memorial Sloan Kettering expert doctors in New York from the convenience of your home through our partnership with iCliniq, a leading Indian provider of telemedicine services.

Our dedicated team based in India will guide you and your loved ones and match you with the best specialists and services for your needs.

Our Services

MSKCC India is built on the concierge model of care. Our staff will coordinate with you, your family members, or your representative to schedule the services you request. There is no referral needed.

Our team can answer your questions about which services best meet your individual needs. Our team will also help coordinate the gathering of your medical records, including tests, imaging results, pathology materials, and other crucial information. They can also assist with the process of traveling to MSKCC in New York for treatment.

MSKCC Remote Second Opinion

You can get a second opinion from the experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering without leaving home.

An MSKCC oncologist who specializes in your disease will review your medical records, test results, and other materials. The oncologist will provide a comprehensive written opinion or participate in a video conference with a local oncologist on your diagnosis and care plan and answer other questions you may have related to your care.

To ensure that you have the most accurate diagnosis, we may recommend additional evaluation before an MSKCC oncologist provides their opinion, such as a review of your pathology tissue by one of our expert pathologists or a review of your imaging tests, like PET or CT scans, by our expert radiologists.

Video consultations require a local doctor’s attendance.

Additional Consultation Services

We understand that not everyone needs a comprehensive second opinion. For these people, we offer standalone video, written, integrative medicine, pathology, and radiology consults.

  • Video: You can speak face-to-face with an MSKCC oncologist who specializes in your diagnosis. A local doctor needs to attend the video conference to discuss the current treatment recommendations. We will find a time that works for everyone who needs to participate. After the video consultation, you will receive a written report from our oncologist summarizing the visit and our care recommendations for you.
  • Written consult: An MSKCC oncologist who specializes in your diagnosis will provide a comprehensive written consult of the relevant medical reports submitted.
  • Integrative medicine: Our integrative medicine services can complement your cancer care. An integrative medicine specialist can be added to your MSKCC remote second opinion or to a standalone oncology consultation. Specialized advice and programs include touch therapy, mind-body therapy, acupuncture, exercise programs to improve strength and promote relaxation, and nutritional counseling as well as consultations on herbs, botanicals, and supplements.

Travel to MSKCC for Cancer Care

If you have to travel to MSKCC’s main campus in New York City for care, our guest services team is ready to assist you every step of the way. Ask us about:

  • visa letters
  • housing options
  • transportation arrangements to and from the airport
  • interpretation services in any language, 24 hours a day
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