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The world’s top cancer specialists are now much closer to home and ready to help you determine the best options for your care.
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World-Class Cancer Care, Where You Need It

The cancer care experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center are specialists in treating every form of cancer, including the most important one: yours. Now, you can rely on their expertise much closer to home at MSKCC India.

MSKCC is partnering with iCliniq — a leading global telemedicine provider based in India — to bring our world-class care to people facing cancer in India. The MSKCC India location in Chennai, India, is staffed with clinical specialists who will help you access the experts at MSKCC for remote second opinions, video consultations, as well as to arrange for on-site care in New York. This center is the first of its kind, giving you access to top specialists treating your disease, backed by renowned cancer scientists who are creating the very latest therapies.

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From the comfort of your home in India or MSK's center in Chennai, you can now connect with world-class cancer experts in New York for a remote second opinion on every type of cancer.
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There are more than 400 types of cancer. MSKCC specialists focus on every kind of cancer, including the rarest and most complex.


Why Choose MSKCC to Guide Your Care?

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is the world’s oldest and largest private cancer center. For over 135 years, our sole focus has been caring for people with cancer and gaining new insights into the disease. Our experts collaborate in highly specialized teams that concentrate on specific kinds of cancer. As an MSKCC patient, you will be matched with specialists who are experts in your exact type of cancer. Research shows that people treated at specialized cancer hospitals have significantly higher survival rates. MSKCC provides some of the best treatment outcomes anywhere, with therapies designed to maintain quality of life during and after treatment. 

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MSKCC doctors who are specialists in treating your type of cancer will use their expertise to help you determine the best plan for your care.


Services Offered

At MSKCC India, MSKCC specialists use the most advanced telehealth technology to guide your cancer care. You can choose from a variety of services to meet your needs, including:

  • online doctor consultations
  • remote second opinions
  • care at MSKCC in New York City  

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Research that Saves Lives 

MSKCC is renowned as a pioneer in cancer research, with innovations that set the standard of care all over the world. Recent breakthroughs by MSKCC scientists and doctors have produced lifesaving advances in lung, breast, head and neck, colorectal, and other cancers. Therapies tested in clinical trials at MSKCC mean our patients often have access to new treatments that are not available at other hospitals.

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As one of the world’s premier centers for the research and treatment of cancer, MSK is able to bring new advances more quickly from the laboratory to patient care.

As one of the world’s premier centers for the research and treatment of cancer, MSKCC is able to bring new advances more quickly from the laboratory to patient care.


Manisha Koirala
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Manisha Koirala made a lifesaving decision to contact MSKCC when she faced a grim cancer diagnosis.

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